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Today the gouge is probably the least understood aspect of oboe reed making. While the shape controls pitch placement, the gouge affects the overall stability of the reed as well as its response, timbre, dynamic flexibility and tip opening. With the correct interior properties of the gouge, the scrape of the reed becomes secondary in importance. Unfortunately, many oboists struggle trying to compensate for a poor gouge with the scrape.

Jeanne offers gouging machines for both oboe and English horn, with two options. The machine may be purchased completely setup to your specifications or it may be purchased as an unassembled kit. The kit includes a manual giving detailed, step by step instructions for assembly and setup, allowing one to overcome the fear of adjusting the machine. Through this experience, the oboist can learn to control the one aspect of reed making that probably has the greatest influence, taking his or her reed making to a new, higher level.

Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine
  • $1,495.00

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Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine Kit
  • $995.00
Jeanne Pregouger for Oboe
  • $120.00
Jeanne Pregouger for English Horn
  • $80.00
Jeanne Oboe Gouging Machine blade
  • $50.00