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All instrumental musicians are concerned with the safety and security of their instruments. The financial value, as well as the irreplaceable personal attributes of a fine musical instrument, requires that each musician be confident of the stand that holds their prized possession. Lightweight, collapsible stands are convenient to carry but can be knocked over through simple bumping of the instrument or by accidentally stepping on the legs of the stand. It was with these assumptions that the engineering staff at Jeanne, Inc. set out to design our woodwind instrument stands.

Our pegs are manufactured from the highest quality injection molded rubber. Softer than either plastic or wooden stands, there is no danger of damage to the bore of the instrument. The shape and dimensions of the pegs are specifically designed so to securely hold each instrument. A steel bolt is inserted part way though each peg for stability. However, a small amount of flexibility remaining in the top portion of the peg protects the instrument bore from accidental damage during rapid instrument changes. Rubber “bumpers” on the base of the peg lift the bell off the flat surface to allow water to drip out of the instrument.

An extension was created to hold the E-flat clarinet peg, so the instrument is somewhat elevated and easier to reach. The extension, manufactured of aluminum in a hexagonal shape with an anodized black finish, gives an artistically pleasing appearance to the stand.

The pegs are attached to a heavy, steel base. One to three instruments can be accommodated in an area smaller than a page of music. Rounded corners, finely curved edges and a felt padding on the base makes for an attractive, “finished” appearance.

NOTE: Our manufacture of clarinet and oboe pegs has been discontinued and we have none of these pegs remaining in stock. Only pegs for an English horn, optionally with a 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch base plate, are currently available.


English horn instrument peg
  • $29.95
  • $20.95


Extension lift for instrument stand peg
  • $15.00
  • $7.50


Jeanne English Horn instrument stand
  • $88.70
  • $57.65