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Ernst Mahle

Ernst Mahle was born in 1929 in Stuttgart. He studied composition with J. Nepomuk David in Germany and H. J. Koellreutter in Brazil and with Messiaen, Fortner, and E. Krenek in International Vacation Courses. He has also studied regency with L. von Matacic, R. Kubelik and Mueller-Kray. Mahle has been in Brazil since 1951 and was one of the founders of the School of Music of Piracicaba, where he has acted as Artistic Director, Teacher, Conductor of the Chamber and Symphony Orchestras and Chamber Choir. He was naturalized Brazilian and was honored by the title “Piracicabano Citizen” in 1965 in recognition of his work with youth education. He was idealizer and president of the Commission Julgadora of the Young Competitions Instrumentistas - Brazil - Piracicaba - from 1971 to 1998. He has taught in severa1 Vacation Courses and Music Festivals. He was Vice-President of Brazilian Society of Contemporary Music and is a member of the Brazilian Music Academy. In addition to winning several contests as a composer, he was given the APCA award in 1995.

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Mahle: Trio (1970) for oboe, cello and piano
Mahle: Trio (1970) for oboe, cello and piano
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