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Chunyang Ping

Chunyang Ping

Chunyang Ping was admitted to the Composition Department of the China Conservatory of Music in 1986, where he studied under Professor Luo Zhongrong. During his university years, he composed the art song “Tian Jing Sha - Autumn,” which was published in the Chinese journal, Music Creation. He also created the dance music piece “Roots,” recorded by a chamber ensemble made up of musicians from the Central Symphony Orchestra and the China Conservatory of Music. Additionally, he composed the light music piece “Jasmine Flower” for the China Light Music Troupe.

After graduating in 1991, Chunyang Ping remained at the conservatory to teach. In 2003, he was selected by the school and sponsored by the China National Scholarship Council to study abroad at the Gnessin State Musical College in Russia. There, he studied composition under Professors Roydiershjepp and Volkov, the latter being the head of the Composition Department. Chunyang Ping earned his Master’s degree in composition in 2005 and received the prestigious “Red Diploma” for outstanding graduates.

During this period, he participated in the “Meet Moscow” international music festival hosted by the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music. This event featured composers from the United States, China, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and other countries. As part of the festival, he successfully held a solo concert at the Rachmaninoff Concert Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. His work “Symphonic Suite” was published by the Moscow Composers’ Publishing House.

In 2014, his string quartet “This Mountain Is Not As High As That Mountain” was performed by The Sky Lark String Quartet at Bristol Chapel Westminster Choir College in the United States. Chunyang Ping’s main works include symphonic suites, symphonic poems, ensemble pieces, light music, and dance music. Recent compositions comprise the piano trio “Flower on the Other Side” (in collaboration with Bo Xin), the choral work “Pear Blossom Beauty,” and the male solo “Zhenba Bacon,” which were broadcast on Hubei Classic Music Radio (FM103.8) on the program Ashen Philharmonic. His choral piece “Pear Blossom Beauty” won first prize in the 2023 “New Era, New Classics” Chinese Song Competition.

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